Code of Conduct

  1. The leader of the ride is in charge and you will do as instructed by this person.
  2. Safety first, to yourself and to others. Use common sense and never be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Machines must be in good mechanical and electrical order and brakes must be in reliable working condition.
  4. You must have warm clothing on the rides. You can take it off, but if you don’t have it, you can’t put it on.
  5. You must wear a helmet that adheres to the AS1698 standard. No helmet, no ride. Suitable footwear must also be worn.
  6. Maintain a good braking distance from the quad in front of you.
  7. Keep a watch on the quad behind you, if after a reasonable time you do not sight them, stop and wait. Do not go back unless a organised return trip has been arranged. Also note that returning down narrow tracks can be dangerous as the delayed riders may be travelling fast to catch up.
  8. If travelling on unflagged tracks, never travel through an intersection, turn at a corner, or disappear across a clearing without the following rider seeing your direction of travel.
  9. If a large gap has developed in the ride, the ‘sub leader’ is to lead with the utmost caution (in case of oncoming search party).
  10. The last rider is to burn their headlights, so the leader knows the group is intact.
  11. A rider, designated by the leader will open gates, this person is to stay with the gate until all riders have passed through. Because of farm animals at no stage is the gate to be left unattended.
  12. Farm animals are to be avoided. Be aware that they can scare easily. Stop and turn your quad off if the slightest problem appears. Disregard this action with charging bulls.
  13. The club recommends all bikes have spark arresters and functional mufflers.
  14. You ride events at your own risk and understand that the landowners or organizers will accept no responsibility for any occurrence associated with the event.