Code of Conduct

  1. The Capital ATV Quad Club is a strong advocate for enjoyable and safe riding. Safety comes first for yourself and others. As a rider you are expected to carry relevant safety and recovery equipment to assist yourself and/or others. Use common sense and never be afraid to ask for help.
  2. The ride leader directs each event. You must do as instructed by this person for your own safety and the safety of the group. If you are not certain that you can complete an obstacle safely, you must raise this with the ride leader before attempting it and alternate arrangements will be made.
  3. All ATVs must be in good mechanical and electrical order, brakes must be in reliable working order, and tyres must be effective for the conditions.
  4. You must have suitable clothing at the event. Be prepared for an unexpected change in weather conditions, or being stuck in an exposed place.
  5. You must wear a helmet that, at minimum, adheres to the AS/NZS 1698:2006 helmet safety standard. No helmet, no ride, no exceptions. Suitable footwear for the conditions must also be worn.
  6. Maintain a sufficient distance from the ATV in front of you. If they were to stop or crash suddenly, you must be able to stop safely and without incident.
  7. Consider using your headlights in conditions with low visibility, and maintain regular visual contact with the ATV behind you. If after a short time you do not sight them, stop and wait in a safe place on the track (e.g., not on a blind corner or crest). Do not go back unless an organised return trip has been arranged by the ride leader, and be aware that delayed riders may be travelling quickly to catch up.
  8. If travelling on unmarked tracks, never travel through an intersection, turn a corner, or disappear across a clearing without the following rider seeing your direction of travel.
  9. If a large gap has developed in the ride, the ride leader may appoint a small group to search for and assist the delayed riders. Be particularly mindful of oncoming traffic in these situations.
  10. A rider, designated by the ride leader, will be appointed to operate a gate. This person is to stay with the gate until all riders have passed through. Because of livestock at no stage is the gate to be left unattended or left in a different position after the group has left.
  11. Farm animals should be avoided as they can scare easily. Consider stopping and turning off your ATV to avoid spooking animals if necessary. Be particularly respectful on private land, including minimising your impact on the ground and minimising the noise that you make.
  12. Spark arresters are mandatory, and effective mufflers are encouraged.
  13. All participants must be respectful, courteous and non-discriminatory to all others in the group, other trail users and to the public.
  14. You must behave in a responsible way towards our environment, including taking anything you arrived with away with you, such as broken parts and litter.
  15. ATV riding is well-known to be dangerous, and can be fatal. You participate in events at your own risk, including as a passenger. Landowners and organizers accept no responsibility for any damage to you, your ATV or your equipment under any circumstances.
  16. You must understand and accept all rules before participating in any event.
  17. All participants must be over 18 years old, including passengers.