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We publish most of our events publicly. You do not have to be a member to tag along, but it does work out more cost effective if you are a member. Events are colour coded by type:

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  • 16
    Saturday 16 May

    Lagoon Hills

    08:00 -17:00
    Lagoon Hills
    1-3 Memorial Square, Martinborough 5711, New Zealand

    This will prove to be a popular ride with something for everyone. It includes graded tracks, developing tracks, riding across paddocks and a full days outing (circa 6 hours). It is all part of a new ride where we have got the opportunity to travel across a number of stations for a full day.

    This is not a common ride for the club so it will be worth making the effort. This route will be in part headed by a private land owner. Monies from this ride as per our recent Lake Ferry ride will be going to the Life Flight Trust.

    Ride Grade

    Grade B


    New Ride


    • $30 Members
    • $50 Non-members

    You Should Bring

    • Water bottles
    • Tow rope
    • First aid kit
    • Tools
    • Any required spare parts and puncture repair kit
    • Helmet and suitable clothing for varied conditions