Supported Charities

CQATVC shares its membership fees with registered charities that just might, one day, save our bacon. We regularly run charitable events, which you can find in our Event Calendar.

We have regular donations that go to the following charities:

Additionally, we sometimes donate to other charities or community causes, such as supplying local schools and communities with life saving AEDs.

Community Support

In a joint effort with Fire and Emergency New Zealand, CQATVC supplied a new AED to Hutt Central School that’s available for public use, 24 hours a day. Hopefully the device will never need to be used, but if it does it may save a life.


Life Flight Appreciation

CQATVC have a long history of sending support and donations to Life Flight Trust. When offering a large donation recently, the Life Flight team invited us down to deliver it in person. Of course we said yes!


St. John’s Youth Support

Look carefully, because these young heroes are likely to be the medical professionals that are patching us up in the future. These smartly dressed young men and women receive essentially zero funding and are taught by dedicated volunteers. CQATVC were delighted to lend a hand by purchasing some much needed medical equipment for them to learn and practice with.


It’s all thanks to you!

These donations couldn’t be possible without the ongoing generosity of the whole club – so thank you to everybody in the club for your support!