Ride Grading

CQATVC operates a simple system for defining ride difficulty using the letters A through C. Ride grades are estimated difficulty levels based on observations from previous rides and are provided as a guide only. Occasionally a ride’s grade may change suddenly and without warning due to recent weather (higher rivers, deeper mud, more slippery inclines) or an unexpected route change (logging operations, council closures, venue availability). Regardless of grade you should be familiar with your well-maintained ATV and be able to operate it safely before considering any ride.

A Grade

B Grade

C Grade

Rides graded A are tough. These are 4×4 only events, preferably with locking differentials, aggressive tyres and winches. These rides often traverse deep mud or water and very steep inclines. B grades are for experienced sports and 4×4 ATV riders. These rides often involve deep river crossings, steep inclines and up to knee deep mud. C grade rides often take place on beaches or well graded terrain, and cross shallow rivers. These rides are suitable for most riders, though you must be able to operate your ATV safely and competently.
Grade A Grade B Grade C
Grade A Grade B Grade C